Satellite Operations Solutions

Aldoria offers serene navigation in LEO/MEO/GEO with a global vision of the space situation at all times.

Our automated solutions enable early anticipation of all interactions between catalogued space objects to avoid emergency responses to crisis.

Our unique space monitoring network is mobilized 24/7 by our teams to produce a map of space objects even below 10cm of size, and to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Access the information you need when you need it.
  • No more unnecessary collision alerts

  • Bespoke maneuvering scenarios, integrating station-keeping operations

  • Statistics and synthetic data to control the risk of collision and orbital pollution.

Integrate, use, and share easily:
  • Secure APIs compatible with all standard or internally developed tools

  • Graphical interfaces that integrate with the physical or virtual control center

  • Certified reports automatically generated and usable by all stakeholders

  • Secure administrator access with several levels of user access suitable for all organizations

What makes the Telescope Station a Breakthrough Technology ?

Alexis Petit, CTO


  • Ensure your satellites safety thanks to unique data
  • Bring peace of mind to your operations
  • Optimize payload exploitation
  • Extend service life with an optimal trajectory planned in advance
  • Never lose sight of your satellite, even in critical phases of the mission or in the event of an anomaly

How does it work ?

Every day, we receive images captured by our telescopes. They are processed in real time and return astrometric and photometric data. This data is then analyzed and merged with other data sources by powerful algorithms to ensure reliable and precise trajectories. In the event of a crisis, our experts step up to ensure the best reactivity.

Do you need to secure your assets ?

Do it now with decision-ready API !

Excellence for our customers

Space sovereignty is no longer an option, it has become a major topic for governments, but also for all actors of the ecosystem. Owning your data is crucial to insure strategic independence and responsiveness in times of crisis.
This is why we support you towards a perfect control of information, thanks to different levels of services.

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An emergency does not wait, which is why we provide real-time support to ensure the best operational responsiveness. In the event of a critical crisis, we guarantee 24/7 availability of our telescopes, and we offer our expertise to everyone, in order to avoid disasters and protect the orbital environment.


We provide accurate, calibrated and authenticated data to protect your space infrastructure. Our data fusion algorithms cross our unique data with different data sources. Our services are secured by the latest cyber technologies.

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Sustainable development

Space pollution has already gone far too far.
Our telescopes are specially designed to track debris down to 2cm in order to avoid creating new fragments during collisions and to protect the orbital environment as a whole.
In addition, our purely passive technology reduces the carbon footprint on Earth.

On Demand Data Tracking

Your real-time space data in one click with our 24/7 operational tasking experts.