Space Surveillance Leader

Pioneers & innovators

Aldoria was born in 2017, from the encounter between Romain Lucken, doctor in Plasma Physics and Damien Giolito, inventor and entrepreneur. Both convinced that Space was going to become the new Wild West, an overexploited territory and the theater of international conflicts, it appeared certain to them that all players in the ecosystem, public and private, would have to collaborate to ensure a sustainable and ethical future for orbital traffic.

Foster excellence and innovation

We developed a technology that is unique in the world with the ambition to become the European leader in Space Surveillance. It took us some boldness, and a touch of craziness. Our innovation is fueled with passion. 
This is the DNA of Aldoria. The founders were able to federate a team of experts around common values and the desire to extend the boundaries of established beliefs.


CEO & Co-founder

Doctor in Plasma Physics and engineer from École Polytechnique, Palaiseau. Initially trained in risk management for nuclear reactors, his works at JAXA and AIRBUS led him to… space

COO & Co-founder

Civil Engineer, professional pilot,  and entrepreneur. He invented the largest aerial digital camera in the world. He is involved in the fight for environmental issues.

Key Leaders


PhD holder in Orbital Dynamics from Namur University in Belgium. He performed post-doctoral research at Paris Observatory and Pisa University. Alexis is a strong technical leader and subject matter expert. 

VP Sales and Marketing

Master degree in Marketing with 15 years’ experience in the Space Industry at several positions within Space value chain: From Telecoms Satellites operator to Satellites manufacturer, working in Strategy, Project Management, R&D/T and Marketing & Sales. Mylène brings her experience, leading the Sales and Marketing team.

Project Manager

Civil engineer who transitioned seamlessly into project management. Gilles has been CEO for over 20 years and now
utilizes his background in construction supervision to lead and deliver successful projects. Gilles is among all responsible for the deployment of our observation stations.

Market Engagement

Head of Sales

Holder of Business Administration & Management degree, Benjamin is an experienced business development manager who has supported several early stage ventures.

Public and Industry Relations Manager

International relations and security graduate from Sciences Po Paris.  She’s been responsible of engaging with the industry, the general public and decision-makers to increase awareness around the need for comprehensive debris mitigation solutions.

Business Development

Armed with a master's degree in defense and industrial dynamics from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, Hugues excels in business development, strategically promoting Aldoria's innovative solutions and cultivating valuable commercial partnerships.

Administrative Leaders

Business Operation Manager

Adept at bridging the realms of strategy, innovation and management, Anthony is providing leadership to actively support the company's growth and organizational scale-up by establishing and motivating the adoption of key business processes along and extending company vision to define advanced concepts and business cases.

Finance and Administration Manager

Lucie has extensive management experience. Her previous roles include developing budget management tools at Doctors Without Borders  and consolidating budgets at Action International.  In her current role, Lucie continues to drive financial success for Aldoria.

HR Manager

HR Graduate with eight years of international experience in various sectors such as cosmetics, cinema and in a law firm, Mandie is a true chameleon. She can adapt to any environment and is absolutely passionate about the value she can bring in her HR function. After a backpacking trip to the other side of the world, Mandie joined Aldoria to take care of recruitment and all HR  activities.

Advisors and Industry Mentors 

Michel Tognini
Michel Tognini
Human Spaceflight

Former astronaut for CNES and ESA, Michel has conducted spaceflight on the space shuttle and the Soyuz manned vehicle. He is one of the main advocates for space exploration in Europe.

Anne Tauby
Anne Tauby
International Development

FormerInternational Business Director of the Airbus Group, Anne has an extensive aerospace & defense business background across Asia, Middle East and Americas. Anne is also a board member of Figeac Aerospace.

Bernard Delabre
Bernard Delabre
Optical Systems

Bernard has been involved in the optical design of nearly all the instruments of the European Space Observatory over the past 35 years. He was the winner of the Tycho Brahe prize in 2017.

Hélène Tauzin
Hélène Tauzin
Sustainable Development

Airplane pilot and corporate ESG consultant, Hélène has extensive experience working with industrial companies to help them grow their business while mitigating their environmental footprint.

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