December 18, 2023
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Championing French Space Tech in Texas

Last Friday, Share My Space had the opportunity to connect with stakeholders as our Industry and Public Relations Manager, Saloua, participated in Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade Olivier Becht's space delegation in Houston.  

Proudly standing as one of four leading French newspace companies present, we showcased our nation's cutting-edge technology and got to visit  Axiom Space and Ad Astra offices.

A notable highlight of the day was our meeting at NASA, graciously hosted by Vanessa Wyche, Director of Johnson Space Center. Saloua had the pleasure to present Share My Space to stakeholders, emphasizing the pivotal role of international collaboration in ensuring space safety and sustainability.

A heartfelt thank you to Cnes and Business France for organizing such a remarkable event, and immense gratitude to all stakeholders for the warm reception and engaging discussions. Looking forward to further collaborations and enhancing space safety!