Custom Tracking

Precision monitoring
for critical operations

Maneuver detection
+ -

We detect and assess the date,
type and magnitude of the maneuvers.

We determine the mass consumption of each maneuver
and estimate the spacecraft remaining lifeitme.

Proximity operations
+ -

Increased revisit rate to assist during
the rendezvous phases.

Thumbling rate determination using
photometry analysis.

Launch and early operation phases support (LEOP)
+ -

Launch Window Optmisation
Pre-mission risk analysis.

Highly redundant observations during the LEOP phase until the satellite is safely positioned in its final orbit.

Observation request information


With our web-based application Cleopatre, we provide direct access to our network of stations, putting valuable data at your fingertips.


Check available observation slots of the objects you want, submit observation requests, track their progress and download resulting TDMs—all in one place.


Integrate seamlessly with our API, allowing direct connections from your existing client tools for enhanced functionality.





Aldoria offers serene navigation in LEO/MEO/GEO with a global vision of the space situation at all times.

+ -

Ensure your satellites safety thanks to unique data.

+ -

Bring peace
of mind to your operations.

Future Regulations
+ -

Comply with upcoming regulation in europe and the US.

Act now to protect the orbital environment.

Scalable Operations
+ -

Extend service life with an optimal trajectory planned in advance.

Continuous monitoring
+ -

Never lose sight of your satellite, even in critical phases of the mission or in the event of an anomaly.

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