January 23, 2023
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Spring project kickoff

Last week, Share My Space hosted the kickoff of a collaborative European Defence Fund project: SPRING.  

But what exactly is SPRING*?  

The project “Space Response to Risk & Integration with Ground segment” (SPRING) will develop an integrated solution for semi-automatic calculation and communication between ground detection, ground-based threat assessment and reaction scenarios recommendation, interfacing with military C2 and the flight segment for space-based object surveillance and autonomous planning. The project will increase the safety and reactivity of military space systems through avoiding collision or close encounter with hostile spacecrafts (©European Union, 2022.)

Thank you to our partners Aiko, LMO, Nurjana Technologies and Sybilla for making the trip, it was a pleasure hosting you.    

* This project has received funding from the European Defence Fund (EDF) under grant agreement Project 101103509 SPRING EDF-2021-OPEN-D-SME  

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